Christopher Hitchens. His ever-so influential approach to putting ideas under the microscope.

Christopher Hitchens, having passed away in December 15, 2011 has left a void open to many in the atheistic and philosophical circles. Reducing the oh-so notorious “Four-horsemen” Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, and Sam Harris to a less but still intimidating “Trinity.”

Where will the intellectuals of our time go to in order to get our fix for brute intellectual honesty? Christopher Hitchens not only made us question our ideas, but also made us question whether or not we should dust off the closest dictionary.

Christopher Hitchens, whether you appreciated his bringing to light of terse introductions, was a voice in the community that stood out most undoubtedly because of his unwillingness to be quiet in the face of religious or political figure-heads who favored the nonsensical.

Although his own great head of hair may have contributed to his vastly overpowering presence on the stage during debates, he displayed a form of passion for the topic (often religious or political) that gripped audience members and internet viewers alike. Another trait that encompassed his being was that when a statement was uttered with a hint of casuistry, there would be no doubt in the room as to whether Christopher Hitchens was going to “Hitch-slap” whoever owned up to the statement. This trait added much suspense when watching him during almost any social setting. With each remark uttered by the person of the opposing view, anticipation of how exactly Hitchens would combat it would built more and more. This ability to leave his opponents in a state of stupor is something that I have yet to see truly mimicked.

Christopher Hitchens may have had his time cut short with us, but his passion, wit, Brit., and take on ideas can still be found in his writing, WHICH you can find at all fine bookstores near you.



  1 comment for “Christopher Hitchens. His ever-so influential approach to putting ideas under the microscope.

  1. Matt Stewart
    January 27, 2014 at 4:54 am

    I was scrolling through WordPress and say Hitch’s face, which will always cause me to stop. As an aspiring journalist, Hitch is someone I have endless admiration for. I disagreed with his views often, but his relentless pursuit of truth was incredible.

    Nice post.

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