Are You Trying To Not Care?

Ahhh not caring. A frowned upon attitude by many, but nevertheless a useful tool in an array of situations. If you are someone who looks at people and ask yourself, “How do they just not care about other people’s opinions?” then listen up.

Social media is where I find the behavior that I’m about to describe most prevalent. I want to try to help or at least point out certain acts that I view as negative that people often adopt when attempting to “not care.”

First, many people just learn to care in a different way. That is, they begin to care that people know that they DONT CARE. Do you see where I’m going with this?

If you are someone who when accused of caring acts out to “prove” to the accusser of your indifference, then you have proved the exact opposite. You have allowed an outside party to shape your behavior. So if you happen to see a coworker or fellow classmate walking around in a banana suit, it is most likely that they do care (but not necessarily). They simply care about being seen as a person that does not care. 

If you would like to embrace a lifestyle that does not revolve around the opinions of others then good. My suggestion would be that you implement some introspection and ask yourself whether you are acting a certain way in order to present a certain picture of yourself to a third party. If you are indeed shaping your behaviors around the ideas and opinions that others may hold, then the answer is yes, you most definitely care. 

The above opinions are subject to change of course. They are simply the product of my so-far experience. 



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