The Form of Pride I Find Most Corrupting


As a devout determinist I have found the concept of pride to be obsolete. This post will be a look at the form of pride I find to be the most corrupting. Pride for things like nationality, race, sex, and every other label. When defining whom a person really is, these things shouldn’t matter. Acknowledging them so heavily only helps support the idea that they do.

I see no issue with people feeling happy about themselves, no one should be ashamed of their race, but I do have an issue with people feeling like this is something that matters when it comes to what defines a person.

This isn’t a popular idea because people feel this attacks their culture. I’ve heard people say they feel pride for their ancestor’s accomplishments, or that they see the work of their grandparents in the world today. My issue is that when you say you are proud to share the same label and then defend that pride because of the accomplishments made by people sharing that label, you are unintentionally saying that it was achieved because of that label (correlation is not causation).

Another argument I have is that these statements are confusing pride with what should be called admiration. Why should you feel proud of yourself for being associated with someone who accomplished something? If you claim you feel that pride because you are the same color as them then you are only encouraging the idea that these differences in skin color determine who we are.

Whether you’re black or white, gay or straight, male or female, you are every bit as human as everyone else. Your pride has gone too far when it makes you encourage the idea that a person can be valued by petty physical differences. As long as pride feeds the idea that these things matter, it will remain an enemy of the enlightened mind.



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