The Infringement of Will and Why You Can’t Stop It


The purpose of this post is to relinquish the idea that your will is not constantly being infringed upon, and that you are not constantly infringing upon other people’s will.

If you concur with the commonly proposed argument which says that, “Not acting is essentially the same as acting,” then you must apply this principle in all aspects of life.

Apply this principal to personal affairs. I will use government to illustrate how our actions are indirectly (if not directly) influenced. By not infringing upon someones choice to watch TV, the government has to be factored in to the casual events leading to you watching TV. I would like to posit that the government not acting, should in fact be held to the same degree as acting when it comes to influence.

Your daily life is a result and construction of the environment and people infringing or choosing to not infringe upon will (which inevitably infringes upon it).

To illustrate further: it’s often said that the unjust factor of the implementation of slavery is largely the imposition upon a man or woman’s will. In fact (I argue), the imposition would be the same whether or not slavery is implemented or not. The person’s actions, environment, emotional state, etc are changed to equal degrees (keeping in mind that the degrees vary in terms of morality, but not in terms of the infringement of will). By not implementing slavery, people are indirectly changing the would-be-slave’s environment, emotional state, etc to the same degree. For instance, by not implementing slavery one’s emotional state is influenced indirectly, causing one to (hopefully) be happier; while one’s environmental state is influenced in such a way that equality in all areas of life become more present.

The infringement is not what is unjust here. The effect of the infringement is what is unjust. Our state of life is constantly being influenced whether we like it or not; the important thing is to make sure that we recognize when injustices arise as a result of this infringement.



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