What was the message of Noah?


Having seen Noah last night I must admit I’m intrigued by what the message of the movie might have been (assuming there even was one). It is known that the director of the film is an atheist and has been quoted saying it is the “least biblical film ever made.” From seeing the film I can assure you this is not in any way an accurate portrayal of the story found in Genesis. This is a Hollywood movie, not a biblical film.

Spoiler Alert!

At the end of the movie it is revealed that the creator gave Noah (Russell Crowe) the choice to decide mankind’s fate. Having witnessed both good and evil in the world, Noah is overcome with love and chooses to let mankind go on.
How do you read this message? Could this be interpreted in a humanist way? Being that the survival of mankind was decided by a human (Noah), is the movie suggesting that there are no gods and that the world is shaped by our actions?
I could be reading into this too much, but I think these are relevant questions. The movie has a thought provoking place in our culture and its reception has been very interesting. Comments are appreciated!



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