Lack of Free-Will (continued)


IT’S BACK! Okay, since free will (specifically a lack of) keeps popping up, it may be best to create a category of its own. This will be a short post consisting primarily of a quote by David Hume pulled from his writing An Enquiry of Concerning Human Understanding.

“While we act, we are, at the same time, acted upon. The ultimate Author of all our volitions is the Creator of the world, who first bestowed motion on this immense machine, and, placed all being in that particular position, whence every subsequent event, by an inevitable necessity, must result. Human actions, therefore, either can have no moral turpitude at all, as proceeding from so good a cause; or if they have any turpitude, they must involve our Creator in the same guilt, while he is acknowledged to be their ultimate cause and author.”

Ahhh, sweet sweet Hume. I don’t think I could have worded it better. Humes’ pointing out of the world being analogous to an “immense machine” is the perfect description of the laws of nature, which run this world, working in action. Humans are often quick to condemn those that try to avoid responsibility and blame, but that nevertheless, does not negate the fact that responsibility fades away when one is confronted with the fact that all physio-neurological faculties (including consciousness) abide by these laws.

“The irrationality of a thing is not argument against its existence, rather a condition of it.” -Nietzsche



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