Thoughts on morality


If one doesn’t believe in absolutes then one cannot have an objective morality. If one lacks an objective morality then one makes up his moral standard. Is this still morality? If one’s ethics comes from no objective standard then there is no absolute right or wrong. There is only the arbitrary decision of what is right or wrong.

This is seen as a dangerous idea to some. If everyone comes to a different moral standard how can we live in harmony? If we make up our own rules then how do we make sure we all come to the same conclusion on what those rules should be?

Some people deny objective morality and still take morality seriously. They also come to most of the same conclusions that someone with objective morality would come to. In fact, they even have the audacity to condemn people who violate this arbitrary morality. Somehow these individuals say there is no right or wrong, but say we should condemn people who do wrong.

I consider myself one of these people. I do not believe any action is inherently right or wrong. I do not believe in any absolutes at all. Morality is a concept we came up with in the interest of self preservation. It makes life more pleasant for everyone and I want our system of ethics to stay in place.

There are thousands of questions dealing with morality that we have yet to find an answer to. This shows that morality was a system created by its adherents. If absolute morals existed wouldn’t we have final answers to all moral questions? If morality was objective we wouldn’t have multiple views on the “Is it justified to steal a loaf of bread to feed your family?” question. If morality is objective why do people from the same family and religion have different answers to this classic question?

I think it’s analogous to a musician composing a song. The artist finds what chords he likes and which ones he does not. The musician can compose the song using proper music theory or he can just play by ear. But there is no right or wrong composition, different people have different tastes in what sounds right, leaving the artist’s conclusion of what sounds right and what sounds wrong completely arbitrary. Notice some compositions are acceptable and some or not. A form of selection is implemented in order to filter out what is unpleasant to the ear, similar to how morals actions are judged.

Morality is a school of thought that nearly everyone has come to adopt. It is a system that allows no excuses. It demands that we realize the most important question we can ask is that of what is right and wrong. It gives us that uncomfortable feeling we push into the back of our mind when we are exposed to the fact that some have suffered at the hands of great injustice. Morality is a call to do all you can without doing harm.



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