That may just be the conclusion that future civilizations come to. We just don’t know. “Virtue is knowledge; all sins arise from ignorance; only the virtuous are happy;” or so Socrates would have us believe. I want to address the notion that the truth is essentially good for us. By truth, I simply mean pursuing what could be called our closest attempt at attaining objectivity. No one truly knows what conclusion will arise as a result of our attempts at taking a closer and closer look at our world. I am not saying that everyone should drop intellectual endeavors and pursue a life of ignorance and indifference. I am suggesting that truth not be held to some ironically metaphysical realm in which it is just to be blindly accepted.

There is of course arguable evidence that of the two options (ignorance or accepting that truth is better), truth is best. Countless discoveries, medical/technological advances, and so forth help us to discern and contemplate the aftermath of adopting or abandoning one practice of thought or the other. However, in the long term I feel that it would be quite presumptuous to proclaim that you could make an actual case that the pursuit of truth will inevitably benefit society.



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