Why I Get Up

If you are at all familiar with this blog then you will know that I am a strict determinist, meaning that I do believe that everything down to the smallest action is determined by a collection/collaboration of casual events starting from the beginning of time.

Why do I make an effort to do anything if everything is already pre-determined? Determinism says that what will happen is inevitable, but the catch is that external influences are so complex that there is no way to predict whether the end result will be one thing or the other. If I’m presented with two decisions, then whatever conclusion I finally land on is the one that was inevitable. Try to just sit around all day and do nothing. Eventually you will be compelled by forces outside of your control to get up and eat, drink, etc. Your will to do nothing has been thwarted by your instinct to act. We have evolved to act.

Humans are no more than a highly complex collection of atoms. No more released from the grasp of nature than a tree. Bound towards a pattern of growth and influence.



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