Why you should feel silly when you talk about politics


Politics is a subject everyone has views on, but not many people know much about the subject. When it comes to deciding what’s best for their fellow citizens, people don’t feel obligated to study economics, history, or foreign policy. They take the same approach that Aristotle did on the, “Is the earth moving?” question. Aristotle said, “If the earth is moving, that means when I jump straight in the air, I will not land in the spot that I jumped from”. To paraphrase, “If it makes sense in my head it must be true.”

When you cast a vote, you could be affecting someone’s life. It’s not too much to ask that we all study our opinions. We should be concerned with how the policies we vote for work and affect society. When you talk about politics, you are talking about to what extent you are willing to have the government put a gun to someone’s head. We need laws very much so, but we need to ensure their effectiveness. A healthy amount of skepticism is sensible on matters of politics (not too much though). Political views should be rational, not emotional.



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