Why you shouldn’t avoid talking about religion

Religion has always been a delicate subject to talk about in most circles. Just the utterance of the word “religion” can make people feel uncomfortable. But why? The question of whether there is something after death (most often accompanied with the claim that there is going to be a day of judgement) seems to be a question of utmost importance and urgency if correct.

To simply brush off the question and say that it is just too “beyond us” to even discuss such a question seems to be a similar copout to the all too often employed “only God knows” response that religion uses when confronted with unexplainable phenomenon. Who says it’s beyond our boundaries to observe evidence and determine if something is probable or not?

Is it not an even greater claim to say that we can’t know? Civilizations have been figuring out answers to things that seemed out of reach since the beginning of time. Let’s not stop questioning when it comes to one of the most interesting questions of all.



  1 comment for “Why you shouldn’t avoid talking about religion

  1. Alex Jones
    June 18, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    Religion is a highly subjective issue, which often provides an individual with meaning, so to face counter-ideas may be seen as a challenge to meaning and sense of reality. People die for the sake of having meaning.

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