Walking in College and Hitler

College is no ride in the park. More like a walk. Long walks in the heat to various classes often without adequate hydration supplies.

There are buses or course, but there’s a catch. The buses are never there at the exact moment you are; but instead require a one, maybe two minute wait. By that time you realize you would rather walk…

Walking is important in that you get to figure out how to. The college walk has evolved from the high school walk. Are you going to look and smile at the hot girl/guy that walks by? Are you going to tell yourself you looked at her/him because you’re simply nice? Are you going to recognize your hypocrisy when your eyes avert the next person you see that barely hits 1 on the scale of 10?

What about street crossings? Do you wave at the car who politely stopped for you (AKA following the law)? And if so, how enthusiastic do you wave? Too high and fast of a wave and they could start thinking they might know you, and try and strike up a conversation; too low of a wave and they may think you’re hailing hitler. You want neither of these.

You want that wave that says “Hey I appreciate you stopping, but don’t get too full of yourself.”

Good luck



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