Psychology of the sexes

One thing I cannot help but notice is how some males look for sexual interest from females in nearly every instance where female attention is earned. I think we can agree this is a sexist habit. Do males assume that every female activity is done with the goal of earning male approval in mind?

A portion of males do not care about the female unless the female stands in relation to them in a desirable way. This leaves the mind to only picture the female in situations of male and female attraction. Following this the mind has trouble understanding female activity that isn’t concerned with sex, and because of this the male misinterprets almost all female actions as concerned with sexual interest.

Both men and women can have interests in one another that are not sexual in nature. Some do not understand this and that is why we still have the word sexism. It is an important word, but sadly it’s one that has been made into a joke unintentionally by the political correctness movement. Despite this, I think the conversation is still important.


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