The Greatest Question Ever Asked

A very young child approached the dying man

He asked for wisdom in his time of need

The dying man turned his head with a laugh

Child, I’ve counted far more gods than I have good deeds


Many a folk claim to want to be good people

But no one seems to want it for its own sake

Their answers are decided before the question

But morality is not a matter of faith


They will try and offer many excuses

But it demands of itself a higher dignity

A call to do all you can without doing harm

There are no excuses in morality


The greatest question I’ve ever heard asked

Is that of what is right and what is wrong

We have many crimes in our past

This has gone on for far too long


The young child listened to the dying man

He said they’re nothing I can’t see through

My child when something is wrong

You know what to do, 

There is only one right choice, 

That being the best, 

The rest… 

Is only an excuse




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