My least favorite thing about people!

My least favorite thing about people is how they assume I don’t mind responding to them when they talk to me. Is there any polite way to start talking to someone? You never know what important thoughts you could be interrupting when you initiate a conversation with someone.


To speak to someone is to bombard them with obligations. Too many to keep track of. They have to acknowledge your presence, make eye contact, respond to you, and position their hands in a manner that doesn’t come off as weird. This can be very distracting. They could be figuring out the cure for cancer and here come the social butterflies to derail those trains of thought. It’s rude. Talking to people is rude.


I think we should all wear little signs that signify the state of mind we are in. And we should consider it socially unacceptable to approach people at certain states. That way people don’t interrupt special moments of deep critical thinking.


I had almost unified special relativity and quantum mechanics the other day but someone then asked me what the time was and I lost track of my thoughts. It’s a real shame but oh well. I’m sure it’ll come to me again.



  2 comments for “My least favorite thing about people!

  1. July 6, 2014 at 4:55 am

    Have you tried ear buds? Even if you aren’t listening to anything, people just assume you can’t hear them. I used that trick when I worked in a mall to keep people from trying to sell me things.

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