Thank You Khan Academy

Anyone who has had a math class and a laptop in the past few years is likely to have stumbled upon the website, Khan Academy. It is a non-profit site focused on bringing free education to anyone with internet access.

I’ve been using the site to study for my math class mostly, but I looked at everything the website provides and I’m impressed. There is a lot in the science section. I’ve been enjoying the videos on physics and evolution. There is also an entire section on computing for those interested in computer science. They provide a lot.

Khan Academy has also partnered with other education based websites and provides more than just the videos the creator Salman Khan has uploaded. There are history lessons with The Fault In Our Stars author and video blog icon, John Green. There are also videos I have been enjoying in the philosophy section provided by the open access website, wi-phi.

The website is working at providing access to more and more people. They are hiring those who know how to code to work for the website, and they’re looking for volunteers to help translate the material. Being in the position of an educator is one that has lots of potential, and the folks at Khan Academy seem to be taking advantage of that position to change the world for the better.

On a personal note, I think everyone should have the opportunity to be educated if they so wish. I’m inspired by this website immensely. This can help people earn their GEDs and go farther in the academic world without having to pay for tutoring. Education is expensive. Thank you Khan Academy.




  1 comment for “Thank You Khan Academy

  1. Conrad
    August 5, 2014 at 5:30 am

    The Kahn Academy is also on iTunes U, all free downloads. I’ve downloaded all of them as far as I’m aware, but need to check for updates. The ‘U’ stands for University, but there are high school level classes too.

    There is a VAST number of free video lectures on iTunes U from universities like Harvard, MIT, Stanford and lots of colleges too. Physics, math, computer science, statistics, astrophysics, psychology etc etc. Lots to learn.

    Another source of free lectures is Udacity:

    And Utah University Math:

    I also believe education is extremely important. It’s handy to have a basic level of physics and math e.g. to read “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins. (of whom I’m a huge fan) It helps one understand how radiocarbon dating, Potassium/Argon 40 dating for granite etc is done. Hopefully enough to convince a few creationists that the earth is ~4.6 billion and not 6000 years old. And that evolution is a fact 🙂

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