A baby’s smile is not proof of god!

You can’t claim to know god exists because you’ve had a positive spiritual experience. If that type of thing is to be considered evidence, you have to acknowledge those who have had negative experiences and lost faith as clear cases against your claims.

When a child is born parents often feel an overwhelming since of joy and sometimes feel the presence of a creator. Just like when someone loses a child they feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness and feel the absence of a creator.

Be it positive or negative, a personal and spiritual experience is not evidence for god(s). If you choose to accept positive experiences as a form of proof, you must also accept the negative ones. I not only find the idea of god to be silly, but I truly “feel” there isn’t one. Should not a pious individual accept the latter as a valid argument?



  2 comments for “A baby’s smile is not proof of god!

  1. July 7, 2014 at 1:59 am

    When the baby smiles, check the diaper before checking for a god.

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