Why I’m anti-religious

I believe, “To each his own” but that doesn’t mean you get to break rules the rest of us follow because of your beliefs. We have to draw the line somewhere when it comes to what is acceptable and what is not. I think morality is a good system to go about this with. So, “To each his own within the confines of morality” is more accurate.

Everyone should have to play by the same rules. You have the right to worship, but you do not have the right to determine policy and choose what is taught in schools because of your religion. You’ll have to find other reasons. Reasons that do not depend on your particular faith.

I hate today’s country music, but I do not hate everyone who listens to it. Just as I hate religion, but I do not hate all it’s adherents. I’ve yet to meet an atheist who hated religious people so much he could not be around them. Most atheists I’ve met are surrounded by religious friends.

I believe we must learn to get along with the people we disagree with. The social structure and the well-being of society demand it. It will require much patience and dialogue—  the antithesis of dogmatism.



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  1. July 18, 2014 at 1:23 am

    I like what you said, “I believe we must learn to get along with the people we disagree with.” That, to me, is a good example of human morale. However, you might argue that religion teaches the opposite; when in fact, it does not intend to.
    I don’t mean to arise any conflict here or to impose my religion onto you; just stating my response to your interesting post. I’m always researching different religions and beliefs, or in your case, lack thereof.
    I do want to add: religion is not necessarily a set of rules for society to abide by, like the government. It’s more of an example of how whatever higher being “intended” it to be. And even that is outdated, misread, terribly translated. If you really read between the lines, religion is really fuckin interesting, full of insight, and not all evil. It’s often put into the wrong hands, and like all knowledge in the wrong hands, is misused.
    What you might see is misused religion. I.e., when people do things “for the Lord”, “in the name of Jesus,” and etc. In my opinion, they have it wrong. Of course those who practice religion serve the Lord, or God, or Allah, or other shit, but they are not commanded to do acts of evil in any way. Excusing behavior as “in the name of God” is misuse of knowledge, belief, and faith.
    I respect you, man, for posting this. Really cool to see a different point of view than my own. Try not to focus too harshly on those who don’t share your belief, and keep researching more into all religions. There’s some cool shit out there.

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