Schools and anti-learning curriculum

Schools have a strange way of going about teaching, in that they often don’t. Having taken French 101 & 102 this summer I can personally attest to this. If you’ve ever taken a foreign language class, then you probably know what a pain it can be.

With that experience in mind, try to imagine a semester long course condensed into one month. I am both simultaneously ecstatic and ashamed that I passed French in the first term.

Ecstatic because duh, I paid a lot to take the class. Ashamed, because I should not have passed the class to begin with. When homework, tests, and projects are arranged in such a way that one can make mediocre grades on tests, A’s on effort graded homework, and still pass the class with a grade of B or higher, schools must admit that the objective is not to teach students.



  1 comment for “Schools and anti-learning curriculum

  1. July 19, 2014 at 5:44 pm


    You gotta love schools.

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