Equality and Nihilism

We cannot escape hate, because it is sometimes moral. There is a paradox in our ethics. We are obligated to hate certain things, and it is most certainly immoral to not oppose certain actions, but we still have hate itself.

Hatred is an intolerance to certain aspects of life. If we were to overcome hatred—an urge that impedes the flow of joy in one’s mind—we would have to overcome morality itself, or overcome all the challenges morality gives us. Morality is a beautiful and poetic system, but it demands one never achieve peace of mind.

If one was to objectively look at hatred, one must recognize hatred as a purely neurophysiological process that has no inherent meaning. This is not to say that hatred’s utility should be overlooked, but if one wants to enjoy this moment, hate will only hold them down. It can demand time be spent thinking about things one cannot change. It will take away a moment that could have been spent in joy.

True nihilism—a realization that all is objectively meaningless—lowers the entire world down to nothingness. We are all equal, in the sense that we are all insignificant. From this point, one sees hatred as the weakling who can’t handle the truth lashing out. Hatred is a loss of composure in the face of a thought that knows better than to act like one’s emotions are objectively meaningful.




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