Month: May 2015

Are all the religions true? Nope!

If all religions are a different road to the same god, then why do most religions ask you to kill anyone who wishes to take the other road? Believing in all religion is nonsense. You cannot say all the religions are right, when they all say every other religion is wrong. -AD Advertisements

Voter Apathy

They say you shouldn’t bother with politics because the game is rigged. Well, you are not going to win by not playing, that just lets the people who are playing decide what happens. Also, it’s not impossible to win a rigged game; you just have to try harder. -AD

Become a yeasayer!

I often find musicians have an aversion to pop music. Many condone the highly produced aspect of it. Having played in a few bands in high school, I have not often been met with a congenial attitude towards my appreciation for Ke$ha. Not only do musicians wish to avoid listening to this type of music, but…


Art is how we express the human experience, and it can cover the entire range of human emotions. It should also be appreciated for this fact, for when one appreciates art, one is appreciating the totality of mankind. I like happy songs, and sad songs. I like happy endings, and sad endings. I like simple paintings,…