Become a yeasayer!

I often find musicians have an aversion to pop music. Many condone the highly produced aspect of it. Having played in a few bands in high school, I have not often been met with a congenial attitude towards my appreciation for Ke$ha. Not only do musicians wish to avoid listening to this type of music, but they say I shouldn’t listen to it either. It’s just that bad, I’ve been told.

The defense I have for appreciating various sorts of ‘tasteless’ art is this; having an open mind helps me to enjoy more things this world has to offer me. If you dislike a painting I like, that is one less thing about the world that you could be enjoying. The more you appreciate in this life, the more life has an opportunity to present you with joy.

This is not a philosophy to be taken too literally, but one to be considered in most day to day occurrences. My musician friends tell me pop tunes get stuck in their heads, and in an almost confession-like manner, they admit that they shamefully find the new Katy Perry song to be catchy. They say, “I wish I didn’t.” This is just plain silly!

Moral instances aside, I think we should take the opportunity to enjoy human art and thought. If you enjoy the pitches of a pop tune, or the jokes of a stupid movie, why try to avoid these things? That is saying nay to life! If one values happiness, one should say yea to life! The naysayers do not know the pleasures of the yeasayers.

I am a yeasayer. When I hear a beat, I bob my head.



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