Filling a Gap — The Rubin Report

I feel that I should take the time to shine the small light available to me on The Rubin Report. The Rubin Report is a talk show hosted by Dave Rubin that has recently emerged. It manages to touch on very controversial topics ranging from atheism, liberalism, feminism, among many others. Dave Rubin does this in a calm mannered, understanding, and overall conscientious tone that is as far as I can tell being well-received.

This is a talk show that is beginning to fill a gap. The (regressive?) left has been taken over by the overly politically correct, who are determined to attack free speech when we arguably need it most. You will not find such censorship on this show. Instead I’ve found that although many of the guests have contrary opinions on the topics they discuss with Dave Rubin, they share the common mindset that these subjects must nonetheless be talked about in the public sphere.

The Rubin Report has brought on various guests such as Sam Harris, Maajid Nawaz, Kelly Carlin, and many other influential public/important figures that have something important to say regarding some of the important current events mentioned above.

I can only urge you to watch the videos for yourself and come to your own conclusion. Click here to check it out.



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