The Educator

It is the duty of the individual who takes it upon him or herself to be an educator to also be passionate, and to be effective. Such a position of influence is not to be taken lightly. Within the teacher’s grasp is the lecture which inspires a young biology student to pursue a career in medicine, one day curing one of the world’s many diseases.

It must be realized that academics are the best thing that we do, for it is the exercise of our intelligence which shapes the world around us for the better. It is where a meaning in life can be found across borders. There is no pursuit more noble than to learn all aspects of the nature of the world around you, to use this knowledge to craft an existence for a following generation to further this knowledge, to set in motion this feedback loop with the potential to maximize the happiness of those around us.

And yet is knowledge inherently good? An educator has the potential to inspire the individual who finds cures for man’s physical sicknesses, but the educator also has the potential to inspire the individual who creates the weapon to supplant the nuclear bomb. Is the educator not responsible to turn away generations of students from the pursuit of knowledge? as to not take the risk of crafting a despot, a plague, or a branch of the sciences whose pursuit only engineers the proliferation of human unhappiness?

And this is where the true duty of the educator lies, it is not to expose the bright young minds of the future to the academics for their own sake: it is to reveal to these bright young minds of the future the duty they have towards their fellow human beings, and how that duty can be fulfilled through exploration of academia. An educated population casts educated votes, makes educated decisions, and shapes the world through careful thought and not simply impulse. A mind which recognizes it as his duty to human happiness to understand the world we live in is a mind that pursues knowledge for purposes beneficial to society, and it is that form of the pursuit of knowledge that the true educator must promote.

What more could one in the position of a teacher want than to spread the joy of learning in a world crippled with ignorance in both knowledge and morals? The next generation must not only be shown how to understand their textbooks, but to recognize the importance of how the knowledge within them can shape the condition of the human beings around them.

Here the risk lies, and here is a purpose we can all share: to make taking that risk worth it for mankind.




  4 comments for “The Educator

  1. trustmeimadramateacher
    May 30, 2016 at 9:47 pm

    Brilliantly worded article, great point!

  2. May 30, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    Very well written!!

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