An act of extremism on one side guarantees an act of extremism from the other; equal in magnitude but opposite in direction. Extremism is like an oscillator, one that is never dampened, for extremism seems to avoid the friction morality attempts in vain to face it with. When one develops a new peak in this wave of extremism that has passed through our civilization since its birth, one guarantees that peak to be torn down, and for a new peak to be built on the other side.

Middle ground can be found, but we must ensure that this is where we stop when we tear down a peak, as to not dig ourselves into a pit from which we will only develop a ladder much taller than necessary for an escape, a ladder that would only take us to the peak we had just torn down.

Where is this middle ground? this point of equilibrium between the transfers of power from one form of evil to the next?

It is hard to say, for this equilibrium point is an unstable one.




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