Precognition – First Short Story Publication!

The story has been published through Daily Science Fiction here:

My inspirations for this story come from my own philosophical musings about the Book of Life, a thought experiment advanced by free will advocates in rejection of determinism, one that affords a paradox yet to be solved in philosophy. I find it strange that knowledge of the future is assumed to be of the supernatural sense in many of the pieces of fiction inspired by or related to the thought experiment–that predicted outcomes must occur by virtue of the prediction–though determinism, and the experiment itself, make no such suggestion; the predicted outcomes are derived from linear cause and effect, not magic. Predictions of the future can be made inductively and deductively using natural reason alone, and the prediction can, of course, be invalidated if the agents involved are aware of the said prediction, but nothing should force any future events back in line with the prediction if this happens. I don’t think any philosophical difficulties arise in any of this until the level of knowledge involved approaches the omniscient–which, to be fair, is the level involved in the Book of Life–and in this story I explore a purely intuitive form of prescient knowledge. You most likely don’t recognize much of this from the story itself, but this train of thought is what led me to write “Precognition,” a story that rolls out in what I consider a pulpy, science fiction style; it’s meant to make you think a little, but it’s mostly about the fun.



  1 comment for “Precognition – First Short Story Publication!

  1. July 4, 2017 at 11:36 pm

    Well done!

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