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I have noticed that it only seems appropriate to espouse the view that egalitarian values must go both ways if one is the more common victim of intolerance or persecution. Here lies a subtle form of the ad hominem: the idea that one is not permitted to point out inconsistencies in egalitarian proclamations because they…

White Privilege

Such a thing as white privilege can exist without every white person necessarily benefitting from said privilege. The term references a statistical probability with respect to a population, but it has little meaning concerning the individual within that population. Yes, although white privilege exists, it is very easy to find an impoverished and underprivileged white…


Why is it that so many interpret a dissenting opinion as an attack on themselves? In this, man’s ego is quite apparent. It is always ready to find an excuse to talk about itself, and what better way than to feign indignity? -AD

Voter Apathy

They say you shouldn’t bother with politics because the game is rigged. Well, you are not going to win by not playing, that just lets the people who are playing decide what happens. Also, it’s not impossible to win a rigged game; you just have to try harder. -AD