Duty to be Skeptical


We have learned from history that we are often wrong about many things. The Earth was once thought to be flat. The stars were believed to be fixed in the sky and that they would fall to the earth according to the bible. The Ptolemaic model of the solar system was believed to be correct and it even made predictions. Despite this, the Copernican model would replace it with better predictions and it would show that our solar system was indeed heliocentric. Think about this enormous error in our knowledge. Think about how much wider the door was opened for discovery once a false assumption was removed (the universe being geocentric).

I propose that the best way to make progress in the pursuit of knowledge is to question everything. If we claim to want to change the world and make it a better place, then we have a duty to be skeptical. A difference can be made if our perception of how to accomplish our goals is accurate.

Scrutinize important claims. Being wrong can come at a terrible price. If you claim to pursue the truth, please remember, a hole in our knowledge is easier to fill if a fallacy hasn’t already taken its place.



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