Increase Reading Speed AND Catch Up On Articles/Posts!


Hello fellow bloggers, readers, and sentient beings. I felt the need to make this post about an app I have been using for the past few months. It’s called ReadQuick and I love it. Here’s why..

ReadQuick is a speed-reader that is designed to increase reading time, allowing you to fly through hundreds of articles. If you have a twitter, Facebook, or other outlet of social media — as I’m sure most of you do — then you probably come across links to articles that you are interested in, but don’t currently have the time to read. ReadQuick links with your Pocket, Instapaper,  or Readability account, allowing you to save these articles in about a second. I personally use Pocket (FREE) as a medium between the article and ReadQuick. Saving a link sends it to your e-reader (Pocket in my case), while simultaneously downloading it to ReadQuick.

Once your article is in ReadQuick your estimated time it will take to finish reading it is displayed. The estimated time is determined by what you set your WPM (words per minute) to, which you have the option of changing. Once you are ready to read you simply click on the article, set your WPM, and double click the screen to start! Upon starting, ReadQuick flashes the words in the article one at a time at your desired speed. This technique is geared towards eliminating sub-vocalization. Subvocalization is where a reader essentially speaks to themselves in their head while reading. ReadQuick trains the reader to SEE the words as a picture, eliminating subvocalization and saving you time.

ReadQuick also keeps up with your stats. Here are mine for example: Avg Speed: 353 WPM, 121 articles and 104,883 words this year, 34 articles and 26,835 words this month, 4 articles and 2,463 words this week. I’m not the fastest reader, but given that my WPM started at 280, I’m pretty damn satisfied.

ReadQuick is currently $9.99 on the app store. This may seem like a lot, but considering the time I’ve saved and the information I’ve gained from articles I would have otherwise passed over, I think the investment is well worth it.

Happy Reading!



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